Fireplaces may only be used if you agree to follow this policy. You will be held liable for any damage you cause.


  1. To improve your safety, and the safety of others staying in the hotel,  

  2. Reduce the risk of fire and damage to this heritage-listed building, and

  3. Avoid unnecessary Fire Brigade call outs and building evacuations.

If a Queensland Fire & Emergency Service (QFES) “unwanted alarm call out” occurs as a result of a smoke detector being triggered due to negligence, a QFES charge of approximately $1200 may be passed onto you. 


  • We have a daily fire service charge of $25 if the fire is used. The charge will be added to your account on departure.

  • Please do NOT light the fire and then leave the room.  It is unsafe to leave a burning fire unattended.  It is also unsafe to leave children alone with a burning fire.  Before leaving the room please extinguish your burning fire. Our advice is to light the fire when you are back in the room after dinner (or an outing).

  • If a fire is burning or smoking, the fire screen MUST be in front of the fire to prevent burning wood, ash or cinders falling out of the fire and coming into contact with other wood, floors, mantelpieces and soft furnishings.

  • Fires may only be lit by an adult.

  • Please limit the number of logs you place in the open-fireplaces to 2 logs at any time.  If you use too many logs the fire may damage the tiles behind the fireplace.  Fireplaces are not intended to provide you with room heating, they are mostly for visual effect.  We have central heating, room heaters and electric blankets to keep you warm.

  • We provide a limited wood supply so guests may experience the rare joy of an open and controlled fire in their room.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your fire

  • Build the fire in the centre at the back of the hearth.  I suggest you use at least 5 sheets of newspaper crumpled into a ball the size of a baseball, and a fire starter.

  • Place your 6 pieces of kindling in a tee-pee tent shape pointing up to the centre of the chimney.  Light the fire from the bottom in four places to encourage an even burn.

  • When you add logs to the fire it will draw better if you follow the tee-pee tent shape suggested above.  Only use 2 logs at a time.  Note, lying logs flat on your fire will smother it and cause it to slow down.

  • If the fire is smokey it is because your fire is too far forward in the hearth – use the fire tools to gently move the fire to the back of the hearth in a tee-pee shape and it will draw nicely.  If you don't manage the "smokiness" of your fire you may trigger a smoke detector, building evacuation and an "unwanted fire alarm callout" from the QFES which may result in you being asked to cover the cost of the charge of approximately $1200.  

  • If you are unsure about lighting and managing a fire – don’t!

If you have any questions about lighting and managing a fire while at Vacy Hall, please ask us.

Policy effective 1 April 2017