Vacy Hall proudly provides Sukin Australian natural skincare products for guests to use during their stay

Your skin is vital to your health.  Unfortunately many people do not understand how their health can be damaged by skin and hair care products which widely use toxic and damaging chemicals.  There is no regulation of what chemicals can and can’t be used in very popular and sometimes very expensive skin and hair care products.

Your skin has the ability to absorb much of what you put on it which means that informed choices are critical to optimize your health. You should give your skin the same thoughtful care you give your diet, because much of what goes ON you ends up going IN you.

Lots of expensive and designer brands use nasty toxic chemicals which are not kind on our skin.

At Vacy Hall when we recently did research into what were the best products in the market we decided we needed to have some assessment criteria to help us make the decision.

The criteria we considered important were as follows:

1.      Kind to our guests’ skin – never contain harsh toxic or dangerous chemicals

  • ·         No sulpahtes
  • ·         No Synthetic fragrances
  • ·         No Animal derivatives
  • ·         No Harsh detergents
  • ·         No Propylene glycol
  • ·         No artificial colours
  • ·         No Triethamolamine
  • ·         No Mineral oils
  • ·         No EDTA
  • ·         No Parabens

2.      Preference for quality

  • ·         High efficacy
  • ·         High quality botanical extracts
  • ·         High quality essential oils

3.      Australian made

4.      Australian owned

5.      Eco-friendly – low impact on environment – including bio degradable packaging

6.      Cruelty free – no animal testing


Sukin Organics satisfies these criteria and Vacy Hall is proud to stock this superior quality product for use by our guests during their stay.  For more information