The Australian courtroom drama "Don't Tell" has been just been released in cinemas around the country.

It is a true story about Lyndal, a 22 year old abuse survivor who was a student at the Toowoomba Preparatory School in 1990 and who wasn't believed when she complained about being abused by a boarding house master.  The story is about Lyndal's courageous action to speak out against the Anglican Church.

Toowoomba lawyer and Social Entrepreneur Stephen Roche who founded the Toowoomba law firm Shine Lawyers in 1981 took up Lyndal's case when having a legal voice became her only option.  

The case which was heard before a Toowoomba jury in 2001 was a test case against The Anglican Church and Lyndal won because the jury believed the church did not fulfill its duty of care.  Prior to his appointment as Australian Governor General Dr Peter Hollingsworth was the Anglican Archbishop of the Diocese responsible for the school and he subsequently resigned from his Vice Regal position because of the political embarrassment his involvement in this case was causing the Federal Government. 

Roche wrote the book "Don't Tell" which has just been released as an Australian film starring Rachel Griffiths and Jack Thompson.  His story about the journey from civil rights lawyer to social entrepreneur and film producer is told this Sunday (21 May)  on 60 Minutes when Liz Hayes interviews both Roche and Lyndal at Vacy Hall.  

In the movie, Vacy Hall also makes a cameo appearance as the film set home of Jack Thompson's character Bob Myer QC.  Bob Myer stayed at Vacy Hall for months during the actual trial.

See if you can identify Vacy Hall in the movie and on 60 minutes.