Vacy Hall is now air-conditioned


For over 120 years guests at Vacy Hall, One of Australia’s great historic hotels, in Toowoomba have benefited from the architectural genius of Harry Marks who incorporated a passive thermal tower into the design of the building.

Under most climatic conditions the building maintains a very even temperature range.   However when it is extremely hot some guests struggle with the counter intuitive approach of sealing the heat outside and once they have opened a window and let the heat inside it’s too late. 

Vacy Hall owner and host, Graham Higgins said that he made the decision to add inverter cooling to the existing heating system to improve guest comfort on those days when the temperature is much warmer.  We were very conscious of the need to minimise the impact on the building so made the decision to use the existing ducting in most rooms.

We are blessed by the thermal dynamics of the building which expels warmer air out through the 9 chimneys while drawing cooler air from the stone encased sub floor up into the rooms.  This means the air conditioning won’t have to work as hard or use as much energy to create a comfortable space for our guests.

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