Well-behaved small to medium sized (up to 20kgs) dogs can only be accommodated in the Gardeners Cottage. 

At least 48 hours notice is required and canine accommodation is subject to availability and confirmation by Vacy Hall.

The following terms apply to our canine guests:

  1.  A copy of a current vaccination certificate for your pet must be provided to Vacy Hall prior to arrival.

  2. A nightly charge of $10 applies for canine guests.

  3. Dogs must be fed outside.

  4. Droppings must be picked up and disposed of in a sealed rubbish bag on a daily basis.

  5. Dogs should be clean and must not be carrying fleas or ticks

  6. Dogs are allowed inside, but are not allowed on furniture or bedding.

    • A $200 cleaning charge will apply if dogs are found to have been on beds or furniture.

  7. Any internal soiling must be immediately cleaned up.

    • If any professional cleaning is required the cost of these charges will be passed on.

  8. Your dog may walk around the grounds of Vacy Hall on a lead, but  is only allowed off leash in the fenced dog run at the Gardener's Cottage.

  9. Uncontrolled barking is not allowed. If you suspect your dog may become stressed if you have to leave him or her behind, please reconsider bringing your dog with you out of consideration for our neighbours and other guests.

Policy effective 1 April 2017