Vacy Hall, Toowoomba's Grand Boutique Hotel today announced that they are commercially supporting the local social enterprise, Vanguard Laundry.

Vacy Hall owner and host, Graham Higgins said he was proud to become a customer and commercially endorse Vanguard Laundry which is an impressive collaboration created by the Toowoomba Clubhouse, a not-for-profit organisation supporting people who have a lived experience of mental illness and struggle to secure employment.

"As a customer I am pleased to be a part of a community-based self-sustaining social enterprise that helps change people’s lives."

Mr Higgins said “After inspecting the facility I can say I am very impressed with what Vanguard is doing”.

“Any surplus Vanguard makes is re-invested into improving their laundry services or supporting local mental health employment projects.

“I am confident that with their state of the art laundry complex and commitment to high standards we will receive a high quality laundry service and at the same time we will be helping to provide jobs and training for local people who need a helping hand.

“We are proud to support the vision of Vanguard Laundry and we are looking forward to working with this impressive social enterprise for many years to come..


1 June 2017