Vacy Hall in Toowoomba is the city's finest privately-owned heritage-listed garden (and building) and is regarded as "one of Australia's great historic hotels".

This makes Vacy Hall accessible to the public so you can stay for a night or two and be surrounded by a beautiful old garden with something in flower all year round.

Elements of the garden date back over 140 years with the original garden being laid out by the first curator of Toowoomba’s Queens Park and Botanic Gardens, Edward Way.  In 1873 Vacy Hall was built as a wedding present for the daughter of a rich squatter but it was destroyed by fire in 1898 however the garden structure remained and provides the foundation for the garden as we see it today.


Originally the garden was much larger and over 2 hectares in size but with residential land sales in the 20’s and 50’s the garden is now just over an acre in size.

Vacy Hall has some beautiful trees including an ancient Cedar of Lebanon, a hundred year old Jacaranda Tree, a row of weeping cherry trees, a number of Japanese maple trees, a substantial Liquid Amber Tree, a couple of producing Avocado Trees and a grove of giant white bird of paradise Strelitzia Nicolai,

There's also a wheel of Lavender, numerous roses, several Eupatoriums, a number of Fuchsias including a Fuchsia hedge, walls covered with creeping fig Ficus Pimula, substantial hedges of Cotoneaster apiculatus, Photinia and Privet, massed plantings of Convolvulus sabatius, a hundred year old heritage Camilea which stands 6 metres tall, Rhododendrons, azaleas, numerous Acanthus, a number of massive Staghorns, numerous plantings of Spirea Cantoniesis (may Bush), and a carriageway lined with Aganpanthus which when flowering in early December provides a spectacular display of over 500 blooms.   

There's so much more for inquisitive gardeners to see and enjoy.